Hats and caps must be worn with the brim facing forward.  

Gentlemen's shirts should have a collar or mock neck and should be tucked in at all times.  
Shorts are permitted for both men and women.  Men's shorts cannot go below the knee.  Men are permitted to wear cargo shorts but they cannot have baggy, outside sewn pockets.

Ladies' shorts and skorts must be a tasteful length (generally not shorter than 4" above the knee).

Ladies may wear either sleeved or sleeveless golf shirts.  If sleeveless, it must have a collar.  Shortsleeve shirts may not be t-shirts or athletic shirts.

Several items are considered inappropriate and will not be permitted on either golf course, practice range, or around the Clubhouse:  tank-tops; denim of any color, cut-offs, tennis-length skirts, short shorts, flip flops, workout/athletic attire.

Children are required to follow dress code guidelines when using golf facilities, including golf camps.

**Members are cautioned to alert their guests to the dress code.  It will be strictly enforced at all times.
If you have any questions about acceptable attire, please inquire.

Dress Codes Violations
To assure a proper Country Club environment, members are encouraged to report infractions to the Pro Shop.  If an infraction cannot be resolved when reported, the Board has authorized disciplinary action through administrative procedures.