We offer a wide variety of fitness classes that cater to all ages, abilities, and needs. Our classes are on a rotating schedule dictated by the season we are in. For our current class schedule and to register for a class please click here.

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Class Descriptions:

Functional Training Class (F.T.C.)
This total-body circuit training class is great for burning fat & building muscle! We use body weight, medicine balls, ropes, bands and many more tools for an effective workout, fun workout.

Build | Tone | Strength | Fat Burn | Core

Mat Pilates
Join us at Pilates to improve your strength, flexibility, balance & symmetry!

Postural Restoration | Core | Strength | Flexibility

Golf Strength Training
This 30-minute class is aimed to enhance total body strength. We will specifically aim to enhance core stiffness to drive the ball further and hip / upper back mobility to properly load and unload the swing.

Strength | Mobility | Flexibility | Core | Build

30 Minute Cardio
On a time crunch & in need of a quick effective workout? This workout combines strength training and cardiovascular movements to achieve an effective total body workout!

Fat Burn | Tone | Strength

Abs and Arms
This class will get you ready for swim season as we will focus on developing killer abs and core strength, as well as sculpting the biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Tone | Build | Strength

Hatha Yoga
The Yoga of balance meant to calm your mind, body, and spirit; all levels are welcome.

Alignment | Flexibility | Balance

Postural Restoration | Core | Strength | Flexibility

Better Balance (60 & Better)
This class provides a no-falls approach to balance! We lose our ability to balance because we lose our strength. After taking Better Balance you will be “fall-proof.”

Strength | Balance | Flexibility | Movement

Outdoor Boot Camp
We are going to take our workout outdoors for a little fun in the sun. This 45-minute boot camp will develop strength, aerobic capacity, and flexibility. High energy and fun are a requirement!
Fat Burn | Tone | Strength | Cardio

Total Body Toning
Designed to develop a toned body from head to toe. We will target all the major muscle groups and melt away all the stubborn areas you struggle with.  

Tone | Build | Strength

Speed, Agility, and Quickness
This class is for athletes who are serious about becoming quicker, faster, and stronger.

Movement Preparation | Speed | Agility | Quickness | Bio-motor drills

Water Aerobics
Use the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a wide variety of strength and conditioning exercises with little to no impact on your joints!

Strength | Tone | Core